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Rick Telesz

Candidate for Congressional District 16

Western Pennsylvania Dairy, Commodity Soybean and Corn Farmer

Rick Telesz was born into a farming family in Volant, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. After attending local schools and Penn State University, he returned home to help run the family’s farm. He married and had three children (two daughters and a son) and one granddaughter.

As a child he was not born into wealth like so many other government leaders. He tells a story of selling sweet corn door to door as a kid to raise money to buy school clothes. As an adult, he knows what it is like to care for aging parents, as well as raise three children. He knows what it’s like to worry about where the money is going to come from to pay for things like college educations. He worked hard to keep his farm above water when government policies caused so many other American farmers to go bankrupt.

He has been a very successful dairy, commodity soybean and corn farmer. He recently won Pennsylvania’s statewide five-acre corn yield contest in 2020. He has also won several regional awards for both his soybean and corn yields.

Rick has held and continues to hold a number of leadership positions in the farm community. Rick was recently nominated for the state’s USDA Farm Service Agency committee. He has also served on the Farm Bureau’s state legislative committee.

He currently serves on the PA Soybean Board, and sits on the steering committee for Rural Voices USA which is a nationwide network of rural leaders, farmers and community members working to bridge the rural / urban divide and ensure rural voices are being heard on key policy issues that impact rural communities.

Rick’s national and international business relationships and customers have given him a broad perspective on trade, finance, and business at all levels. Rick is a proven leader who knows how to work cooperatively and productively across the aisle with others to get things done.

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