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About the Butler County Democratic Committee

The Butler County Democratic Committee is an all-volunteer organization working to increase Democratic voter turnout and participation in Butler County. 

We are committed to electing Democrats who represent the interests of Butler County residents, and embrace Democratic Party principles, including:

  • Equality and safety for all
  • Good jobs and living wages, at a minimum $15 an hour 
  • Strong unions
  • Expanded, accessible healthcare
  • Protecting a woman’s right to choose
  • High quality, affordable education and well-funded institutions
  • Environmental preservation for future generations
  • Free, fair and open elections
  • A vigilant and steadfast defense of our Democracy


About Butler County

As it is home to highly-ranked school districts, some of the lowest sales and property tax rates in the Commonwealth, excellent healthcare facilities and an abundance of green space and recreational opportunities, it’s no wonder Butler County is the only county in the western half of the state experiencing positive population growth.

With growth and development comes the need for an expanded and robust infrastructure.  Our friends across the aisle have talked (and talked, and talked – they’re good at talking) for years about “Infrastructure Week,” but only the Democrats, led by President Joe Biden, Vice-President Kamala Harris, and our Democratically controlled U.S. Congress, got it done within Biden’s first year in office!   [Butler County elected Republicans Thompson and Kelly voted NO.]

Democrats and 19 Republican senators passed the truly bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, bringing critically needed funds back home to places like Butler County for bridge, road and broadband repair and renovation.  (See Federal Infrastructure Funding To Help Local Projects.)

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For Infrastructure, and so much more, Butler County and America have billions of reasons to

Thank A Democrat!